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Travelin' to Tennessee

Moving Day will officially go down in history as epic. We laughed, we cried, we were tired and sore, but it was so worth it. Now, it is all just a faint memory, but it's a story I will never get tired of telling. I'll just list the highlights here:

1. I learned to drive a trailer!!

Shawn - "We need to get a trailer, and you will have to drive it."

Me - "Stop playing."

Shawn - "I'm serious."

Me - *blank stare*

Chalk it up to a little miscalculation on our part, but I got to earn a new badge of experience and it wasn't that long as I didn't have to back up. The most important rule is to remember that you have the extra load, so you don't accidentally take a corner too short.

2. Cats and drugs don't mix.

This was seriously the worst part of my trip.We thought that the cats would be too stressed out during the move, so we went to the vet and got them some anti-anxiety medicine. It was supposed to make them sleep peacefully through the move, and they would wake up happily in their new house. Well that's not what happened. They were beyond terrified and screamed...the entire 6.5 hr.trip. Not kidding. And because they were drugged up, they couldn't walk. So they just stumbled around the car, falling and crying. Poor babies. Never again.

3. Starbucks baristas are awesome.

After cleaning the old apartment for almost 10 hrs., packing boxes, and loading a truck, all we wanted was a little caffeine. So we pulled into Starbucks, walked in, used the facilities, and walked up to the counter to order, where the sweet barista informed us they had actually been closed for almost 10 minutes. I almost broke down in tears, and must have looked like a terrible mess, because she caved and said she would open the cappuccino machine back up to make us some coffee. While she was doing this, we recounted the many hilarious happenings of the day. Soon, we had the entire staff listening and laughing (with us, Ihope). When she was finished, we handed her the money to pay. She told us she couldn't take the money, as they had already closed their registers. We handed her $20 and told her to split it with everyone as a tip for their kindness in staying open. As we pulled out of the parking lot, the entire Starbucks crew waved to us through the drive through and wished us luck. Best experience ever. #starbucksforlife

4. Not all gas stations are open all night.

Yeah. This one should be obvious to anyone with half a brain, but we weren't operating with half a brain. Beyond tired, and completely sleep deprived, means a guarantee that you won't be able to think straight. So, when you decide that you will just fill up on the way, you have a 6hr. road trip ahead of you, and you don't leave until well after dark, it might be a good bet that you won't be able to find an open gas station either. We must have pulled off the interstatea total of 5 times (lookingfor gas) and then we would get right back on. We finally found an open gas station, but their bathrooms weren'tworking! I thought I would explode (that coffee was kicking in), but we made it another 2 hours to Chattanooga with no accidents and without having to call roadside assistance.

5. Some people are Super heroes.

Here we were, the day before Thanksgiving, with 2 truckloads full of stuff and just the two of us to unload it. We had made a contact on an earlier trip to Chattanooga, and he said he would try to rally some troops to offload the truck, but we weren't holding our breath (with it being a major holiday, and all). On the day we needed to unload our truck,his crew of merry helpers showed p and within 2 hours time had everything unloaded. Not only that, but they invited us to their house for Thanksgiving dinner the next day! Superheroes, I tell ya.

In the end, it was worth every minute; because now we get to say we live in one of the best cities in the US. CHATTANOOGA

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