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How it All Began

Our journey towards a self-sufficient life started about 10 years ago. Shawn and I have always had a passion for the outdoors and the simple life. A life that celebrated the joys of digging into the dirt. A life that abandoned the idea of buying a “McMansion” and replacing our perfectly manicured lawn with vegetable beds. The very idea of living off the land seemed like a little bit of Heaven to us. So, we determined that we would one day make this dream our reality. We were so confident that we even named this future property: HeavenlyAcres Homestead.

While we didn't yet have acres of land, we were inspired by those who have raised a bounty of food on less. We've seen people grow enough food for their family on just a small apartment patio! So, in taking a page from their book, we bravely set out to learn how to adapt our landscape to provide us food to eat; and in the process, maybe we will inspire you to grow a plant or two.

#homestead #outdoors #garden

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