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Starting Over

Welcome to our NEW and improved blog! I've been a faithful user of Wordpress for years, but suddenly our blog stopped working. After reaching out to Wordpress we were informed that it was due to some of the plug-ins we used to keep our site running. Because of this, our website was hacked. Dun, dun, DUN!!!

They offered to help us fix the site.......for a monthly fee of $80. No thanks! After some research, it was obvious we would have to start over with a different content management system. The only problem? We also lost our old blog posts.

At first we were sad, but this gave us a chance to re-evaluate and start fresh! Sometimes you just have to embrace the challenge and enjoy ride.

What's New:

Since we're starting over, we are going to change up our format a little bit. Each blog post by Tiffany will have a response from Shawn. This "He Said, She Said" format will allow you to hear multiple perspectives, because none of us has the same experience to the same circumstances.

Easier format: The most recent blog posts will be located at the top of the site for easy navigation. No need to scroll through pages and pages of posts. Read only the ones you want!

So, welcome to the *NEW* and improved Heavenly Acres Homestead blog! We will pick up where we left off and start with our full house remodel (pray for our sanity), but gone are our posts about our first chicks and how we found the farm. One day, when I have more time, I will sit down and write about those experiences again; but sometimes you just have to look at what is ahead.

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